Creamfields 2017

With less than two weeks until the UK's biggest dance music festival goes live, Vantage are gearing up for one to remember...



Creamfields Festival turns 20 this year and to mark the momentous occasion, the festival organisers wanted to create something special for the 70,000+ festival goers as they hope to take the title of Best UK Major Festival for the second year running.

Taking a concept from Cream in which they wanted to recreate the legendary Nation Nightclub in Liverpool - home of the infamous Cream club nights since it began in 1992, we were sent some images of the club's interior and exterior before it's demolition in 2016. Using these images, we were able to create a design concept which offered a temporary version of the original venue.

Now we're in the latter stages of our preperation with the build starting this weekend. To say that we're excited to be involved with such a prestigious event is an understatement.


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